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The Best TAG Heuer Watches A Man Can Buy In 2022

A watch aficionado will usually be drawn to a specific brand from the start and be a loyalist from that point forward. That is true of collectors who considered “TAG” their first official timepiece investment, or perhaps the obsession began with a classic “Heuer.”

In any event, the Swiss company met the demand for these luxury pieces known as Heuer from 1860 until 1985. The TAG Group then brought the new moniker into the current landscape as TAG Heuer.

Timepieces that have set them apart from the crowd include the chronographs. The first was patented in the late 1800s, exiting the factories in the early 1900s.

The brand is far more than merely a chronograph timepiece. TAG has established an extensive history for dress and dive pieces, plus foraying into luxury smartwatches like the favoured "Connected," released in 2016.

Each watch is unique in appearance, features, and effects, with the maker gaining status as a legend within the luxury timepiece audience.

When saddled with the responsibility of selecting among the best of these pieces, the chore is a challenge since it is an exceptionally personal choice based on individual preferences. Still, some shine a little above their counterparts. Let's take a look at a few.

The Best TAG Heuer Watches A Man Can Buy In 2022

TAG Heuer is a timepiece that has a following. That means when enthusiasts shop for this watch, they’ve already researched and know which piece they will be investing in. Each is unique in its characteristics, features, and uses.

Selecting what you would deem the best is an exceptionally personal decision. In fact, some collectors will likely have one for varied occasions. But we'll cast a spotlight on a few distinct pieces to create an overall standout list from the rest of the competition. Let's get started.

• TAG Heuer Men’s Formula 1 43 mm Chronograph

This chronograph offers masculinity at its boldest, with motor racing as its inspiration. However, the reason this watch stands out is the bracelet with its deep charcoal ceramic and stainless steel material.

The numbers 6 and 12 stand out as Roman numerals, with 12 being somewhat oversized. The standout white tracker for seconds plus split seconds traces the grey dial with the hour markers standing illuminated.

The second hand is offset by a red tip with the brand’s icon used to “counterweight” the opposing side.

The date window sits beside the 3 o’clock station, with the date and time both operating via the winding crown. The hour and minutes are tracked with polished steel hands highlighted in a dark glow.

At the top of the 6 o'clock station centre of the illuminated number and the central hands are the words "TAG HEUER FORMULA 1," all in white cap letters, followed by CALIBER 5 below this in red lettering.

That designates the movement name. The indication is that (3) three models are presently offering a sub-dial variance like this.

The 43mm case offers water resistance at “200m/600/ft. The case comprises a “radial brushed” finish and a back that’s solid steel. The “formula 1 checkered flag” is engraved surrounding the branding.

• TAG Heuer Men’s Aquaracer Caliber 7 GMT Automatic Watch

While the Aquaracer has offered the GMT complication previously, it has never come with a bezel in the blue and red combination. The "Pepsi bezel," as it is referenced due to the conclusion drawn, causes one to reminisce back to the bicoloured schemes of the 1960s with the Autavia GMTs. Though the indication is the colour is not the only return.

The ceramic bezel has been side-stepped in favour of the aluminium construction of yesterday. It helps to intensify the vibrancy of the shades. The watch is bi-directional, incorporating another classic with the use of a 24-hour scale. The red GMT hand on the dial is individually adjusted, making it exceptionally user-friendly.

The stainless steel bracelet comes with a nicely finished case blending brushed and polished with solid stretched lines providing a distinct feel with wear. The Caliber 7 movement offers roughly a “28,000 beat rate and 46-hour power reserve.”

The markers for each hour and the faceted hands come with blue and green illumination against the opaline black dial, with the magnified date readily accessible. A red line across the top showcases the logo highlighted in white print. A watch, if nothing less than sleek.

• TAG Heuer Carrera Limited Edition Porsche

TAG Heuer is offering limited Carrera watches as a homage to the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7. The watch comes in two colour choices: a blue accent or red. The Porsche 911 Carrera RS was the inspiration for the dual colour scheme for the tribute watches.

These timepieces are unique “iterations” from a 42 mm Carrera chronograph with advanced features to include the movement. The watch back will display movement visible via a sapphire crystal case.

The Porsche steering wheel is immortalized in the oscillating mass. With the blue-toned watch, there is a case comprising polished steel, minute hands, hours, and rhodium-plated indexes. The opaline dial offers a white backdrop.

For the red version, the case is rose gold in 18-karat, which is also consistent with the pushers, the case back, and the crown.

• TAG Heuer Caliber E4

The watch world was taken a little by surprise when TAG Heuer designed the first luxury smartwatch with its "Connected" version. Unfortunately, the brand recognition leaned further towards history than it did technology, so this was a little "off."

Even still, to this date, the company is as committed to the industry. It remains one of its kind to offer luxury, superior, premium smartwatches for people who desire opulence along with their modern digital data.

In providing up-to-date technology, the luxurious Connected Caliber E4 is on top of it. The design is incredible, with bar none quality that includes an “AMOLED display.” Individuals hoping a luxury price point will ensure optimum smart functionality will find the capacity comparable to the leading technology for any smartphone since launching in 2020.

The watch itself is stunning and built for durability and optimum operation. It comes with a ceramic bezel 15.3 mm thick (not slim) and an engraved index surrounding the display for an air of sophistication. The display is overlaid with sapphire crystal glass preventing scratching and resistance to impact. In addition, the piece is waterproof up to 50 meters.

These come in two sizes, either 42 mm or 45 mm, and both run Wear OS 2.0, but it is in the cards that Wear OS 3.0 is coming. The primary concern for most wearers with this watch is using the fitness apps, working out, and perhaps abusing the timepiece, considering its investment. Not so sure about that.

Final Thought

While our goal was to help you select the optimum TAG Heuer watch, it was tough to whittle it down to a single choice. However, it is an exceptionally personal decision with many variables. Nevertheless, these four highlights are among the hottest TAGs currently on the market.

Check out our great selection here at and our collection is always expanding so keep checking back for more!

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